Strolling Mentalism

What is strolling mentalism? Imagine this… Mike Mooney will mingle with your guests and perform the mind reading demonstrations that have gotten him great reviews from major Fortune 500 companies and newspapers. He will: -Guess how much money you have in your pocket -Bend your quarter -Have you think of a person, and tell you what you’re thinking -And much more. People love to see this kind of thing up close. In fact, a lot of people will come up to you and show you their bent quarter. If your guests are mingling at your event, strolling mentalism is your best option.

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Stage Show

If you’re hosting a big event, and you really want to impress the audience, then this is your best option. This is the show that Fortune 500 Companies rave about. This is the show that everyone will go home talking about for a long time. At the end, you will hear more positive reviews about Mike Mooney than any other corporate entertainer in the past…guaranteed!

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Stage & Strolling

Can you get both a stage and strolling performance? Of course you can. If you’re hosting an event where everyone will be coming in one by one then you can have Mike Mooney mingle with guests and perform close-up mentalism before everything begins. Once your event has started, you can have Mike perform his full mentalism show.

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Trade Show Mentalist

Research by Exhibit Surveys consistently indicates that trade show magicians and mentalists are among the BEST ways to attract qualified traffic to your booth. When hiring entertainment for your trade show booth, who you hire is just as important as what they do. Trade show mentalist Mike Mooney, will coordinate with your sales team before the program to help deliver a strong message on the day of your show.

Benefits of a Trade Show Mentalist

Provide trade show entertainment that is relevant and informative. Attract more interested people to your booth. Boost retention of your product or service by explaining it in an entertaining fashion. Michaels clients range from the solar industry to health and financial companies, and Michaels astonishing feats of mentalism and sales knowledge ensures that he can create the perfect entertaining pitch to drive your message into your attendees’ minds. Whether you are looking to bring your own ideas to light, or to find a helpful creative consultant for your booth, there is a reason that so many companies have turned to trade show Mentalist Michael Mooney for their live marketing needs. Call today to find out how to produce the results you need to successfully raise your bottom line through a trade show exhibit with live marketing.