Looking for the BEST entertainment choice for your corporate or private event? Start here and transform your ordinary event in an EXTRAORDINARY event!So you’re hosting an event and you want to add that WOW factor–so what do you do? Shame on you if you said “hire a band,” because every meeting planner does that. Imagine this: a man walks on stage. He picks random people in your audience. One by one, he starts reading minds and everyone looks at each other thinking the same thing, “When I get home, I’m telling everybody!” Then it happens… Mike Mooney is a full-time professional mentalist specializing in high-end private and corporate events. Whether you have a group of 5 or 5,000, Mike has a program that is guaranteed to amaze your guests.

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Why Should You Hire Mike Mooney?
  • I’m a full-time professional entertainer. I’ve performed all over the world for major corporations which means you’re getting tried and true, first-rate entertainment.
  • Interactive Entertainment: Mike Mooney will give the entire audience an experience. The audience won’t just be watching the show, they’ll be a part of it!
  • Corporate Friendly Entertainment: You don’t need to worry about any off color humor or embarrassing moments for someone on stage. Mike Mooney provides a clean show and is always respectful of his audience.
  • Doing Business With Me is Easy: I make sure you’re comfortable with every step in the process of dealing with me. From booking to follow-up you’ll be happy. I arrive early to your event, start on time, and deliver a great performance. You might have a lot on your mind on the day of your event, but worrying about the entertainment won’t be one of them.



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