“Michael’s Bending of a pound coin will deftly be a part of Irish Folklore!”
-Bertie Ahern (Ireland prime minister)

“The absolute best I have ever seen!”
-Colin Farrell

“The BEST entertainment investment I have ever made, when it comes to unforgettable entertainment Mike Mooney deftly sets the bar extremely high, by showing us what we can accomplish when we set our mind to goals. His awe inspire feats of mind power where enjoyed by every one.”
-Robert A. Cornog, CEO Snap-On

“People who have been witness to Mike’s act describe it as ‘The highlight of the night club and ‘The Best Magician I have ever seen’. It is without hesitation that Karma can recommend Michael Mooney. He is a dynamic entertainer and a truly amazing Magician.”
-Karma Kight Club Manager John O’ Dwyer

“Mike Mooney Is amazing, He change a 1 euro coin into a 500 hundred euro note, while I was holding it! He needs to be working for me!”
-C.E.O. Michael Soden (Bank Of Ireland)

“This is the closest thing to real magic that you will ever see!”
-The Irish Times

“Michael Mooney amazes and mystifies… jaw-dropping!”
-Irish Independent

“I consider myself to be extremely privilege to witness Michael Mooneys mind-boggling talents. He truly is a remarkable man who has unbelievable gifts combined with a great personality.”
-Neil Armstrong

“This guy is unbelievable, where did he come from?”
-Carroll Shelby

“Michael Mooney is the most feared card mechanic to ever step foot in Las Vegas!”
-Robert Mueller (director of the FBI)

“Michael who? I love David Blaine!”
-Michael’s Sister

“Michael you need to get a real job!”
-Michael’s Mom

“yeah…when do I get my Rolex back?”
-Michael’s Dad

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